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Family Competition

Family Competitions are organised by SSCos for the schools in their designated Family. In 2016-2017, almost 6000 pupils took part in our Family competitions across the Partnership.


The competitions are for Years 3-6, with six events throughout the school year:

Year 4 Tri Golf, Year 5 Fun Run, Year 4 Indoor Athletics, Year 5 Tag Rugby League, Year 6 Kwik Cricket and Year 3 Athletics.


Below, SSCos can download resources for the upcoming Family events.

Family Competition Resources

Festival Pack Risk Assessment Rules Scoresheet Risk Assessment Rules Rules Running Order Risk Assessment Rules Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Rules Scoresheet

Year 4 Tri Golf

Year 5 Fun Run

Year 4 Indoor Athletics

Year 5 Tag Rugby League

Year 6 Kwik Cricket

Year 3 Athletics

Rules Running Order Risk Assessment